PT Mitra Agri Sentosa

Agricultural Fertilizer

Selling Agricultural Fertilizer from PT Mitra Agri Sentosa in Jakarta. Fertilizer is a material that is added to the planting medium or plants to meet the nutrient needs needed by plants so that they can produce well. Fertilizer can be in the form of organic or non-organic (mineral) material. Fertilizers are different from supplements. Fertilizers contain raw materials needed for plant growth and development, while supplements such as plant hormones help smooth metabolic processes. However, to fertilizers, especially artificial fertilizers, a number of supplement materials can be added. We sell Agricultural Fertilizer products and also Agricultural Fertilizer, Legumes Seeds, Mucuna cochinensis Beans, Polybags, Rhizobium Bacteria, Sulfur Powder. For supply and demand, click on the request for quote button.
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